Cashmere care

The collection is made from 100% Mongolian cashmere of the highest quality. If looked after correctly it can provide years of luxurious warmth and style. Please read the notes below to get the best from your cashmere.
Washing: Cashmere can be washed in a washing machine. We recommend turning the item inside out, then using the delicates or wool setting (max 30 degrees) on a short cycle. A specialist cashmere wool wash detergent should be used. Items should be removed from the machine immediately after the wash.
Drying: Items should be dried flat, and not be stretched or twisted. Please do not hang your item to dry as this could result in a change of shape. Do not dry in a tumble dryer.
Ironing: It is not recommended to iron your cashmere.
Pilling: Light pilling is normal for cashmere items. It occurs when loose fibres tangle together. It is easily resolved with a wool (cashmere) comb. Simply run the comb over the item on a flat surface to remove any pilling when the item is dry. It is advised to do this after a few wears to remove any initial bobbling. After a few washes the pilling effect will reduce and the material will actually soften following this process and this is the sign of great cashmere. However, care must be taken to avoid the 'pilling' effect that can show from wear, when belts, necklaces or handbags rub against your cashmere. 
Storage: When you are not using your cashmere items, they should not be hung in a wardrobe, rather they are best folded in a sealed box or bag. You can place lavender or moth balls inside as required.